Biography of the Author

Audrey Glickman has a decided affinity for pockets. And feels there are not enough of them in the world. A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, she has worked productively at many day jobs. Writing is one of her passions, artwork is another; her main focus is always on improving life for everyone.

Audrey's life has been fairly public, there is plenty to read on the web. For the moment, she is concerned with Equal Pockets for All.

Her day job has been as a rabbi’s assistant. In the past, she served as Chief of Staff to a Pittsburgh City Council President, in which she was delighted to serve the North Side of the City of Pittsburgh, and worked on many items, most notably the pension / parking kerfluffle. Before that Audrey worked with the prior Council President Doug Shields on his post-agenda hearing concerning domestic violence in 2007, bringing to the table professionals, service providers, advocates, and interested parties from all sides of the issue. That same year, Audrey was involved with the County Human Relations legislation, as well.

Audrey has held positions with nonprofits as managing director, director of finance and operations, and controller, and worked for 15 years as an assistant to lawyers in corporate, securities, and banking law, thus honing the skills required to understand and prepare financial statements and budgets.

She has served on many boards, organizations, and committees, supporting, working for, and advocating on behalf of many causes and toward the improvement of many institutions. She advocates for equal rights, secure recountable voting, saving and preserving the earth, smart city planning, good government, and understanding and tending to our fellow human beings.

Audrey does not just write about problems with society, she organizes and gets to work to solve them.

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