All the world's problems are created, caused, and instigated by pockets. This is a bold statement, we know, but this pocket volume makes a solid case.

POCKETS: The Problem with Society Is in Women’s Clothing — written and illustrated by Audrey N. Glickman. “We have a pervasive despair: despair for a pocket, despair about a pocket,” the author proclaims right off the bat. “Seems like everything is affected by pockets.” (Or the lack thereof.) And it is just as we have become a society rife with pocket devices, she reminds us. Glickman’s astute, angst-filled, quirky observations are cleverly enhanced by her illustrations – smart and spare as a New Yorker Magazine cartoon. This book is as original as it gets – well-seasoned with spot-on truths that will have you examining every garment, purse and backpack in your closet.         ($14.95) 

Ever since the transistor radio came out, pockets have been de rigueur. That was over 70 years ago, yet still we women have no pockets!

Time for a revolution –
We pick pockets!

Pocket watches were invented in the 1500s. Women's fashion has yet to sport a pocket for one!
Wind it up, ladies –

The pocket protector was invented in 1943. Is the dearth of female nerds in some pockets of society due to our lack of equipment?
Pocket protection now!

I carried my first pocket calculator in my purse.
Let's take this calculated risk –
No pockets, no purchase!

From the unpocketed majority,
"Equal Pockets For All!"

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POCKETS:  The Problem with Society Is in Women's Clothing

Audrey N. Glickman has written many things.
POCKETS is her first published book.

Published by and available from
Word Association Publishers
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